Bird Control Services

Bird Control PeterboroughWe would like to solve your bird control problem At Bird Environmental Services Ltd, we use a wide variety of bird control systems to deter birds from your property and equipment. These systems do not harm the birds they just prevent them from accessing the area.

Where there is a source of food and shelter, birds will perch and roost. Roofs, lofts,  ventilation systems and other sheltered areas can all be appealing as roosting or nesting sites. External pipework, signage, alarm boxes, and narrow ledges can provide a handy place to perch. You may start off with just one or two birds, but the pressure of roosting can soon increase.

Bird droppings will quickly accumulate too. Bird faeces are very corrosive and can rapidly damage paint finishes and tar-based roofing products. Bulk fouling can block drains and gutters causing water damage to the surrounding area.  If bird fouling becomes wet, it becomes a slip hazard. It can block up equipment too, and we are often called out to remove fouling from ventilation systems.

Bird faeces are classified as a biological hazard and so need to be removed professionally. One way to prevent the need for regular fouling removal is to have the area in question professionally bird proofed.

At Bird Environmental Service Ltd, we regularly provide solutions for:

  • Grade I and II listed buildings
  • churches and cathedrals
  • modern steelwork and glass structures
  • loading bay canopies
  • covered car-parks
  • car dealerships
  • traditional brick and stonework buildings
  • railway and water bridges
  • retail premises
  • schools and colleges
  • food manufacturing units
  • warehouse and industrial units
  • and occasionally domestic homes.

We offer strongly competitive rates, but our experienced technicians only ever use high-quality bird proofing products. We are fully insured and accredited and operate nationwide.


  • Property/Facilities managers - we operate nationwide, can work on a 24-hour call out, are fully insured with a full Health and Safety policy and offer Risk Assessment and Method Statements for works carried out. We also have Altius Assured Vendor status.
  • Landlords - whether you have one, or multiple properties in various locations, we can provide you with a cost-effective, long-term bird control solution and help you meet your health and safety obligations.
  • Independent retailers - we don't want your repeat business, what we would like is your recommendation. Let us solve your bird control solution for good.

For more information about our Bird Control Services click the links below or visit our Gallery for further examples of works done.

  • Keeping birds away - We will survey your bird problem for free* and recommend the best bird deterrent solution for your particular bird control problem. We use the latest bird control products and bird deterrent devices including Bird Spikes, Pigeon Spikes and Gull Spikes; Bird Netting; Bird Wire; Bird Mesh plus other specialist products for particular bird control problems. Find out more.
  • Bird droppings removal - Where bird control systems have not been in place or have been specified incorrectly and failed, bird droppings can accumulate. Bird droppings pose a serious health and safety hazard to the occupants of buildings. Removal of bird faeces and associated debris is a specialist service, which needs to be carried out with due diligence and care. Find out more.
  • Trapped bird removal - There are occasions when birds become trapped within poorly installed or damaged bird netting. Birds can also be unwelcome visitors inside many different types of buildings such as offices, warehouses, shops or larger retail premises. In most cases, we can respond quickly to trapped bird problems to minimise the stress to the bird in question and reduce any damage to the area in question.

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