Bird Droppings Removal

Bird Droppings Removal Service

Bird droppings are a biological hazard which can cause permanent damage to the structure of your building if not dealt with quickly.  Save yourself time and money by calling our Bird Droppings Removal service on 0800 97 55 189. 

Our specialist technicians are experts at removing bulk bird faeces safely and efficiently and cleaning and spray treating the affected area. We are experts at undertaking bulk bird droppings removal within the required health and safety guidelines. Bird droppings are at best unsightly, unhygienic and annoying. At worst and on a large scale, bird droppings are a hazardous material that needs to be handled properly and with care. Removal of bird droppings and the associated debris is a specialist service, which needs to be carried out with due diligence while wearing the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment).

Bird droppings can be a health hazard and cause damage to your property and equipment:

  • Accumulated bird droppings can transmit disease.
  • Bird droppings on pavements, external steps and fire escapes will be slippery and hazardous when wet.
  • Bird faeces contain high levels of acidity which can damage and erode brickwork and masonry.
  • Bird faeces in and near air conditioning units can be a health hazard and can prevent air conditioning engineers from maintaining the air conditioning systems. Ducts can become blocked with bird droppings and other associated debris left by nesting birds e.g. carcasses and nesting materials which in turn can be contaminated with parasites.
  • Breathing in dust contaminated with bird faeces can cause ornithosis/psittacosis, a flu-like illness which may lead to pneumonia and in severe cases, endocarditis, hepatitis and death*. So before you are considering asking your workforce or a contractor to work in an area with accumulated bird fouling, contact us and we will safely remove the bird fouling for you. You can read more about Psittacosis and other diseases from work involving bird droppings on the HSE website.
  • Bird droppings can clog up rainwater systems leading to water damage.

You can be confident in your choice of contractor as Bird Environmental Services Limited offers a professional bird droppings removal service:

  • Using all the appropriate equipment, PPE and specialist spray treatments.
  • The bird droppings and associated debris will be disposed of at a suitable waste site.
  • The previously infested locations will be cleaned to an agreed standard
  • Where appropriate, the location will receive a further spray treatment to leave the area safe for access or further works.
  • We will provide the appropriate risk assessments and method statements for the works.

*[source: Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (2003), "Infection at Work: Controlling the Risks",]

Contact us on 0800 97 55 189 to talk to an expert.

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