Bird Control for a Historic Building

Bird Control for Historic Buildings

The problems birds, particularly pigeons and gulls, can cause to historic buildings can be significant and extensive:

  • Bird droppings are unsightly and can spoil the aesthetic appearance of a building. In the case of a church statues and gargoyles can become stained and spoiled.
  • Bird droppings are corrosive and can cause long term damage to masonry and metal.
  • The fouling and associated debris can block rainwater channels that can also be damaging to the building.
  • Bird fouling on pavements can become slippery when wet and therefore become a slip hazard. This can be a particular problem for any historic building open to the public.
  • The fouling, nesting material and debris can become a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria that can become a health hazard to the occupants of the building.
  • If the problem is left for a number of years the level of faeces that accumulate can be surprisingly large and be measured in tens of tonnes! Church bell towers are often found to have several tonnes of accumulated fouling if left unproofed.

Here are some examples of historic buildings that Bird Environmental Services has bird proofed:

Featured Case Study: Bird proofing Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire

Southwell Minster is a minster and cathedral, and a well-known and iconic building. Any bird control solutions needed to be installed with care, in sympathy and in keeping with, such a historic building.

Using our Nottinghamshire team of specialist rope access technicians, we removed over 20 tonnes of accumulated bird droppings from the bell tower. The bulk fouling was placed in sealed heavy-duty fouling sacks and disposed of at a designated waste disposal site and the area cleaned and disinfected.

The bell tower was bird proofed by our specialist rope access bird control team using our Bird Net and Bird Spike systems to prevent further roosting and infestation.

Other areas of the Minster have since been proofed using a combination of Bird Spike, Bird Wire and Bird Net system.

For more information about our Bird Control Services visit our Services pages or visit our Gallery for further examples of works done.

This client happened to be based in Nottinghamshire, however our company operates nationwide. So wherever you are located, if you have a bird control problem on a historic building call us on 0800 97 55 189 to talk to a bird control expert.

Bird Control Services- Historic Building

Using specialist rope access

Adding spikes to ledges and netting to stop birds accessing the belltower

Adding spikes to ledges