Bird control for air conditioning units

Preventing air conditioning units become fouling with bird faeces

There are a number of particular problems that can occur when air conditioning units get fouled with bird droppings, nest material and associated debris.

  • The fouling itself is highly corrosive and so can damage the plant itself.
  • The fouling and debris contains bacteria, parasites, fleas, and ticks this can infest the air conditionning unit and could cause harm to staff and customer if distributed through the air conditioning system.
  • Quite often air conditioning maintenance engineers will refuse to maintain plant that has heavy fouling.

Birds and their droppings can carry over 60 diseases. The problem is especially problematic in residential areas, as many of them are airborne and can be transferred to humans just by being around droppings.

Featured Case Study: Netting air conditioning units for a retail premises.

This particular client who enquired about our services had previously paid a company for a bird control solution for their air conditioning units. The contractor had glued some spikes onto the units, and this was proving to be ineffective. This was because there were areas above the air conditioning units that the birds could also perch on and so the fouling continued.

The best and most effective solution in this situation was to net the entire unit.

Prior to netting the area we removed bulk fouling from the air conditioning units and the area below. After cleaning and disinfecting the area using appropriate PPE and specialist spray treatments, our experienced technicians disposed of the fouling at a specialist waste site.

We fitted purpose built brackets and completely enclosed the air conditioning units in net and included heavy duty net zips to allow for maintenance access.

Quite often we are called in to work alongside air conditioning unit engineers who are unable to perform the maintenance required before bulk bird fouling has been removed.

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Birds fouling air conditioning units from perch above.

Birds fouling air conditioning units from perch above.

Fouling dropping onto the air conditioning units and the area below.

Fouling dropping onto the air conditioning units and the area below.