Bird control for bridges

Bird control for bridges

We are often asked to quote for bird control for bridges. Bridges provide ample areas of exposed steelwork, girders or crevices for birds and pigeons to roost. Where there are walkways next to or under the bridge bird droppings can accumulate causing a safety hazard for pedestrians. In this particular example, pigeons were roosting on the girders of the bridge over the canal walkway making the walking way hazardous under foot for passers-by.

Depending on the type of bridge and areas involved, birds involved and pressure of roosting, we may recommend a combination of solutions including Bird Netting, Bird Spikes or Bird Mesh to solve the particular bird control problem for the bridge in question.

Bird Environmental Services have been involved in removing bird fouling from and installing bird control solutions to many different types of bridge country wide. This particular client required bird control for a bridge over a canal, but we also install bird control solutions for railway bridges too.

For more information about our Bird Control Services visit our Services pages or visit our Gallery for further examples of works done.

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