Bird Netting to a courtyard

Bird Netting to a courtyard area

We are often asked to install Bird netting to a courtyard area, quite often at the rear of retail premises. This usually involves installing the netting at height to enclose the entire courtyard area to prevent a build up of bulk bird droppings on the ground.

Courtyards are often hard to access areas and typically, the bird control work needs to be performed at a height where ladders are not an option. Where access is limited an elevated work platform (cherry picker) cannot be used. This is when we will deploy our team of specialist rope access technicians to install the bird netting.

Before we installed bird netting to the courtyard we removed the accumulated bird droppings that were causing a safety hazard on the floor of the courtyard. The droppings were becoming slippery when wet and the droppings and associated debris was also starting to block drains. We safely removed bulk fouling from the courtyard and cleaned and disinfected the area. We then deployed our specialist rope access team to attach the tensioned net at height over the courtyard area.

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